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3 Ways the Pandemic has Impacted How Homes are Staged to Sell

The Austin real estate market is booming and is predicted to continue to rise through the summer. This means that staging when selling your home is more important than ever - it can make the difference between a single offer and multiple competing offers. But a hot market isn’t the only thing that has come out of the pandemic. Homeowners have changed how they look at and use their home over the past year, and these changes are important to consider when selling and staging your home.

1. Maximizing Space

During the pandemic, homeowners learned to maximize every square inch of their house. If they had an unused nook or cranny in the home, it became an office or learning center. The term WFH became the mantra for 2020 and it’s no joke - many companies have announced that they aren’t going back into the office until 2022.

This has resulted in home offices being a major part of staging design. Many buyers are looking for the perfect Zoom space so they can continue to work with their office team or classmates from afar.

A staged home office setup in a house. A white desk with a blue chair next to a large window

2. Home Improvement

Homeowners focused on what is right and wrong in their homes over the past year. More time at home meant more backyard decks or garden improvements, and research demonstrated spikes in a variety of home improvement projects.

Buyers are looking for functional spaces that are loved by the current owners, and that they can envision their future lives in.

Staged patio furniture set up for a summer day. Gray wicker seating with white cushions and pillows, surrounded by plants.
Photo from Target outdoor collections

3. Changed Spending Habits

At the start of COVID, individuals engaged in panic buying, but also moved to prioritizing spending habits, according to JP Morgan. They are spending more on home products; for example, due to dining out less, purchases for home cooking rose.

Kitchens have always been the heart of the home, but this change in spending and focus has led to kitchens being staged more fully with cookbooks, coffee stations, and more personal details to demonstrate home cooking at its best.

A simply staged white kitchen with modern appliances

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