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Home for the Holidays - Preparing for Winter Showings

According to the advice from the experts, “while putting your home on the market

between winter celebrations, school vacations, and looming family visits might seem

like miserable timing, sellers could actually benefit by using this period strategically

to show and possibly even sell their place.” Why? Because if you have home showings with

buyers during this busy time of year, it’s almost certain they are serious buyers.

“While you may encounter buyers who have no timeline and want to tour dozens of houses in the spring, if a winter buyer is scheduling showings and touring houses, that means she’s looking to find the right house now.” - Devon Thorsby, Staff Writer, US News (link)

Traditional home's front porch staged for sale in the fall. A red front door at the top of a small staircase with pumpkins on each step next to the railings

Let Mombo Interiors help you get ready to hang your “For Sale” sign with holiday lights. Here are a few tips:

  1. With Halloween upon us, stay away from scary or morbid things: dead things, skulls, etc. Feel free to use some pumpkins and fall smells, but avoid an overload of orange if it doesn’t compliment the color scheme of the house.

  2. Deck SOME halls. With home staging, we try to make emotional connections for buyers in the home. This is a perfect season to plant the seed of this home as warm, friendly, and a perfect place for their holiday season. Keep decor to a minimum, but make it festive and unpersonalized. This is the perfect time for curb appeal, but stay away from large blow-ups, nativity scenes, and anything that is too personal. Greenery, pine, and gold/silver go a long way!

  3. Consider hosting a holiday open house with milk, cookies, and maybe even a toy drive - or a food drive for Thanksgiving. Support your community while showcasing your buyer’s home.

  4. Bake homemade cookies for open houses. Holidays are the perfect time to make the home feel warm and inviting, so show off the kitchen by making a delicious treat!

  5. Let the lights shine! Winter is the darkest time of year, so make sure all the bulbs in the house are bright. Decorate with white lights, start a fire, and create an inviting home in which the buyers can visualize celebrating their lives - and the many holidays to come!

Mombo Interiors is here to help you stage for success any time of year.

Style board of silver and gold accents that can add a distinct but subtle holiday spirit to a home when staging to sell

Mombo Interiors is Austin’s premier home staging service that partners with home sellers, REALTORS®, builders, and investors in the Austin area to prepare homes to sell fast and for a greater profit. We offer occupied and vacant staging services. From staging, to market preparation and social media, we are the essential marketing partners to sell your home. We also provide services for homes in need of a refresh. Professionally staged homes not only sell faster, but usually for a higher ROI. Let us know how we can help you!

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