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Home Furnishing Trends and Highlights from High Point

Held every April and October, High Point Market is the premier event in home furnishings, which takes place in High Point, North Carolina. More new products are launched at the Market than at any other home furnishings show on earth. This is where the people of our industry connect from around the globe to network and build their careers, and where industry thought leaders present their latest and best ideas.

This year's fall market did not disappoint and increased our knowledge on what products are available in this challenging time. We also saw the latest trends and attended the Style Spotters brunch, where the hottest products were showcased.

Here are some of my key takeaways that are useful whether you’re selling or looking to refresh your home:

1. Asymmetrical furniture is here to stay. These pieces create interest, but are balanced and still exhibit tension in their design.

trendy asymmetrical side table made of metal and marble
Asymmetrical side table from Gabby Showroom

2. Curved furniture is also on trend. Since design goes in 50-year cycles, think of furniture with rounded corners. It is great use of space in open floor plans and makes a space more conversational.

Trendy white curvy couch with modern wood legs
Curvy couch from Kayra by Article

3. Leather accents are all over design. Leather is being mixed in fabrics, cabinet pulls, hardware, wood, and even light fixtures. It adds a great element of texture to any space or accent!

Lighting fixture with leather fringe
Ngala Trading Co.'s leather light

4. Stand out color: Green. The desire to return to nature and incorporate plants again in your décor beckons to rich, dark green. This could mean incorporating lots of velvet green, even if you’re using an all neutral palette.

Modern living room featuring houseplants and dark greens
Burton James' display of deep greens

5. Statement hardware. Statement hardware is great not only for bathrooms and kitchens, but also integrated into furniture. They can add a lot of personality to your dresser drawers or entertainment console!

Trendy piece of statement hardware with gold and bronze
Statement hardware can update any piece

6. Caning is back! Remember I mentioned the 50-year cycle of design? It has brought caning back, but this time it’s being incorporated in new ways. Four Hands showed this fabulous sofa with curves, caning and neutral fabric to bring it into 2022.

Modern cane couch with sleek lines
Cane couch on the showroom floor

7. Boucle, all day! Boucle is great fabric choice that just evokes comfort - so cozy and full of great texture!

Cozy boucle with reds, pinks, and maroons
Boucle is perfect for a textured pillow or throw blanket

8. Rugs that are washable! Surya had their own version of the popular washable brand that not only looks great, but is so easy to maintain! Surya is my go-to rug vendor for anything from one-of-kinds to these new concept rugs.

Washable rugs with trendy traditional patterns
Surya's washable rugs are my go-to!

We are working to bring these products into our designs so we can stage your home to sell in style. If you want to learn more, just contact us - we’d love to chat with you about these upcoming trends!

Mombo Interiors is Austin’s premier home staging service that partners with home sellers, REALTORS®, builders, and investors in the Austin area to prepare homes to sell fast and for a greater profit. We offer occupied and vacant staging services. From staging, to market preparation and social media, we are the essential marketing partners to sell your home. We also provide services for homes in need of a refresh. Professionally staged homes not only sell faster, but usually for a higher ROI. Let us know how we can help you!

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