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Top 4 Things to do to Prepare Your Home to Sell in Any Market

The housing market is hotter than ever before right now, but that doesn’t always mean that selling your home as-is is the best option. Taking the time to do some key things before you go on the market can make all the difference when it comes to your final closing costs. Here are my top 4 things I recommend doing to sell your home:

1. Repair Deferred Maintenance Issues

We all have those lingering issues in our home that we put off fixing because, while they were a bit annoying, they didn’t need immediate fixing and we could live life without them. But that is not what a buyer is going to see - every burnt out light bulb, wonky doorknob, and broken set of blinds is going to distract a buyer from the true beauty and unique features your home has to offer. To you these may be tiny, insignificant issues that you don’t even notice anymore, but to a buyer, these are much bigger issues that could lead to them choosing a different home that doesn’t have any of these problems. Take the time before you list your house on the market to take care of all of the maintenance issues that have popped up over your time in the home. You want to show your house at it’s best so the buyer can see it as it’s best!

Open concept living room and kitchen with grand rock fireplace staged with modern pieces

2. Paint

Speaking of showing your house at its best, painting can go a long way in refreshing your home for its next owners. I get it, scuffs and scrapes happen, but eliminating these imperfections can show buyers just how move-in ready your home is. I recommend choosing an off-white or light gray color to brighten up the space and give the buyers a blank canvas that they can make their own. Your statement wall might have been perfect for you, but far fewer buyers will want to keep it compared to those who would want to get rid of it, so go ahead and do that work for them.

A staged modern dining room with clean white walls, and neutral rug, black table, black chairs, and wood statement chandelier

3. Showcase what YOU loved about the house

Another way you can do the work for your clients is by showcasing what you loved about the house. Did you spend countless nights gathered by the fireplace? Make sure that is highlighted through your furniture and decor arrangements! Were you known for throwing fun parties from your kitchen? Set up a vignette to showcase all that happened there - and all that the buyer could do there. This is where home staging really comes into play. Assess where you spend the most time, or perhaps where the most unique features of your home are, and concentrate on showcasing those spaces by telling a story.

Modern backyard patio with sliding doors that open into the living room

4. Pre-Pack, Pre-Pack, PRE-PACK!

Can you tell I think pre-packing is super important? Pre-packing helps to take away all of the clutter and leave the home with the key essentials that demonstrate all that the home has to offer. Key essentials can include things like furniture, wall decor, and simple lifestyle touches. Basically, you want the house to look well-loved and lived in, but get rid of the junk drawers and other clutter that doesn’t add to the home’s story. It’s important to strike a balance between de-cluttering and making a room too empty or sterile. The size of the room should be proportionate to the amount of furniture in the space so it doesn’t feel too crowded or empty. A home stager can help to find this perfect balance and make sure that ultimately the buyer takes in all that the house has to offer.

Bright living room with lofted ceilings, staged clutter-free

Mombo Interiors is Austin’s premier home staging service that partners with home sellers, REALTORS®, builders, and investors in the Austin area to prepare homes to sell fast and for a greater profit. We offer occupied and vacant staging services. From staging, to market preparation and social media, we are the essential marketing partners to sell your home. We also provide services for homes in need of a refresh. Professionally staged homes not only sell faster, but usually for a higher ROI. Let us know how we can help you!

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