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What to Expect When Staging Your Home to Sell with Mombo Interiors

The Austin real estate market is red hot, and we at Mombo Interiors are ready to move when you are. Staging is more important than ever in a hot market in order to help your home stand out amongst the rest and ensure that you’re maximizing your return on investment - after all, over half of sellers’ agents agree that staging increases the dollar value of offers from buyers according to the National Association of Realtors.

Staged bedroom with neutral colors and a modern style with a boho twist

If you haven’t staged your home before, here are some important guidelines from our staging contract that help us at Mombo Interiors seamlessly meet your needs:

1. It Starts with a Contract.

At Mombo we make you the priority! We send a contract through secure DocuSign which outlines all expectations and terms and gets your job booked easily.

2. CBS Code Access

In order to stage your home to sell, we will need your seven-digit CBS Code to access the Supra lock or a combo box at the property. This will allow us to stage efficiently within our timeline so you can show your home with pride.

3. Notice of Sale

Please let us know when your home is under contract so we can plan for de-stages and inventory. There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to staging and de-staging, and this helps us to serve you and our other clients in the best way possible.

4. De-Staging Requirements

We require a minimum of 7 business days to de-stage to ensure that we can move everything safely. We completely understand that sometimes a de-stage needs to happen more quickly, but we do have a rush charge for de-stages that are less than 5 days.

Bright and neutral kitchen with marble countertops staged with coffee and wine stations

Mombo Interiors partners with home sellers, REALTORS®, builders and investors in the Austin area to prepare their homes to sell fast and for a greater profit. We offer occupied and vacant staging services. From staging and market preparation to social media, we are the essential marketing partners to sell your home. Professionally staged homes not only sell faster, but usually for a higher ROI.

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