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Top Trending Colors to Use in 2021 to Update or Stage Your Home

Each year, several companies announce a color of the year - a color they believe will be popular with consumers. Let’s take a look at the color announcements from Pantone, Sherwin Williams, and Benjamin Moore, and talk about how to implement these colors in your space when redesigning or staging your home this year.


Pantone broke the mold this year by announcing two different colors of the year - Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which is a yellow.

The sentiment behind PANTONE 13-0647 “is one of strength and positivity. …color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly,” which is certainly something we all need after a difficult year. This vibrant yellow is combined with PANTONE 13-0647, a solid gray that offers a strong foundation from which to enhance other colors, such as the sunny yellow.

These colors offer the perfect combination of contrast and complement that, when used to stage a room, can evoke feelings of both joy and comfort for a buyer.

How to Implement

Yellow can brighten any room, and is a particularly good idea in the spring and summer. To incorporate it into your space, try adding a vase of yellow flowers or a throw pillow.

Gray is a classic neutral color that will really help the bright yellow pop. Easy ways to add touches of gray to your space are through decor pieces or a simple throw blanket.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams unveiled its 2021 choice, Urbane Bronze, a warm, comforting gray color that showcases the tranquility many homeowners seek during the time of COVID-19. Its hue invites you into the sanctuary of your home spaces, while reminding us that the true colors of nature are just outside our door.

How to Implement

There is a simple organic energy with Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year, whether used on kitchen cabinets, yoga space walls, or simply among home accent pieces.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color of the Year, Aegean Teal 2136-40 Teal, brings comfort with its soothing hues. “The twelve hues in the palette radiate warmth and wellbeing. These are colors that make your home feel even more like home.”

How to Implement

This blue shade is calming and refreshing, and adds a definite pop of color to any space. Try adding art pieces that feature this color, or go bolder with a rug to make buyers feel at ease in their new home!

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